Security Information

The Penobscot Building is staffed with 24-hour, 7-day a week, building ambassadors. The ambassadors are currently staffed by an outside contractor and are monitored daily by building management.

The Penobscot Building has eight security cameras that cover all exterior entrances as well as interior elevator transfer floors. It is imperative that anyone leaving the building with office equipment or large packages, have a building property removal pass, signed by the Property Manager. Typically, a letter signed by an authorized agent from the tenant’s suite, brought to the building office on the 30th floor, will be adequate.

If you have staff working after hours, or on the weekend, explain the building rules to them. Also, let us know if you have personnel that may need weekend access to your suite. Our guards try to be helpful, but have been instructed never to give access to an employee without building identification or written authorization. The sign-in/out logs at the desk are our only means of tracking who enters your suite during non-business hours.

VERY IMPORTANT…Building personnel should NEVER be in your suite after-hours or on weekends, unless an emergency has occurred. We will always notify you beforehand if we need to gain access during non-business hours. The only exception to this rule is your cleaning staff. Please notify the Property Manager immediately if an unauthorized person enters or has been in your suite.

Key Control:

Key control is an essential security measure. We suggest that tenants limit employees’ access to key and record key numbers along with names of the key holding employees.

Lock Up:

Daily lock-up and inspection procedures increase employee awareness of the importance of keeping personal items out of site, such as small calculators, recorders, laptop computers, and petty cash boxes.

Tenants should maintain an inventory list of office equipment. This list should include; item, serial number, make, model, and original cost. All company property should be marked with the company tax identification number. Personal items should be marked with the individual drivers license number or social security number.

Building Access:

Griswold Street Entrance: Doors are open 24/7; 365 days per year
Fort Street Entrance: Open 7am-6pm; Monday-Friday. Closed 6pm Friday & reopens 7am Monday
Congress Street Entrance: Open 6am-7pm; Monday-Friday. Closed 7pm Friday & reopens 6am Monday




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